FAQ: Using Synapsebot

Frequently asked questions

Synapsebot is a platform which unifies all the Exchange and information sources in a single access point, centralizing all the resources of the sector in a single interface.

Synapsebot is a tool aimed at all audiences, simply select the user profile that best suits your needs: Basic, Pro or or Enterprise.

 Basic (free): aimed at those less advanced or new users in the sector. Check the ranking and market trends, create your own portfolio, launch simple operations (limit) and many more features which you can enjoy completely free.

 Pro: aimed at those traders or more advanced users in search of tools and solutions to optimize their trading strategies and results. Decrease the risk of your operations through stop limit, take profit or maximize your profits with the use of trailing stop or Arbitrage.

 Enterprise: coming soon ...

Synapsebot uses the most up-to-date security measures such as:

  • Protection against DDoS attacks.
  • Encryption of personal data and API keys.
  • Security system authorization codes to modify user data.
  • Login control by IP localization.
  • Sign up verification by security Captcha.

Synapsebot does not store any cryptocurrency, all your funds always remain in your Exchange. For security reasons we recommend creating API keys without withdrawal functionality; we only need the API to be enabled to operate and read your balances.

On the other hand, withdrawal does not exist in Synapsebot, as your cryptocurrencies are stored in your Exchanges.

Joining Synapsebot is completely free. Sign in here, register and start enjoying all the solutions and tools offered by the platform. For more advanced users, we offer another type of professional accounts with more advanced solutions and tools which you can check out here.

The system collects real time data directly from the main information sources such as the Exchange. We process the data and complete it using our own algorithms in order to offer more advanced and useful information.

ZERO commissions. Synapsebot does not charge any commission on your operations, simply a monthly membership that you can acquire here. Within the platform you can visit the section 'Exchange listing' where you can check out all the information related to the Exchanges we operate with.

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Support / Help

If you are not yet a user and you need information, you can contact us through [email protected] or through our live chat. Otherwise, if you are already registered, access the support section and use the contact form. We have a 24/7 support team which will assist you as soon as possible.

All types of user have the support service 24/7 through email and ticket system. Those users who acquire the Pro or Enterprise membership will also enjoy live assistance through our live chat where you can make inquiries and solve incidents instantly.

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